The future of home bleaching

We follow a vision: to give everyone a healthy and white glow. Together with dentists and scientists, we have now completely redefined the idea of home whitening and developed a solution to whiten teeth even more effectively from home.

Hello, Dr. Peer-Olaf Wiemer

Dr. Wiemer has been a successful dentist for over 25 years and runs his own dental practice in Hanover. In his work, he loves to break new ground through innovation and progress and to address his patients' concerns in a solution-oriented and progressive manner. In addition to medical dental treatments, dental aesthetics are also very important to Dr. Wiemer.

He has long been looking for a way to inspire more people with his passion for dental health and to pay more attention to their teeth in everyday life. For him, home bleaching is not just a trend, but also a movement towards more conscious dental care. It is therefore a matter close to his heart to contribute his expertise to the development of the new smile secret medical products and thus be part of the new innovation for whiter teeth.