PAP+ LED Teeth Whitening Kit (Reward)

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Entwickelt von Zahnarzt Dr. Wiemer

100% Immediate whitening achieved
93% improved by 2+ shades
0% Perceived sensitivity

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    Teeth whitening
    Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP)

    PAP stands for phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, a synthetic organic peroxyacid used as a tooth whitening agent. PAP is used as a bleaching activator to whiten teeth by lightening the discolored molecules in the teeth.


    The microcrystalline structure of hydroxyapatite forms a protective layer on the tooth surface during bleaching. Acids and bacteria are less able to adhere to the tooth and therefore attack the applied top layer first and not the enamel directly.

    Protective layer
    Strontium citrate

    Strontium citrate is molecularly similar to calcium and is found in healthy teeth. This valuable ingredient protects pain-sensitive teeth and helps prevent tooth decay.

The solution for whiter teeth - the PAP+ LED Teeth Whitening Kit

No prior professional knowledge is required for the teeth whitening process. Anyone who dreams of white teeth can now get them without much effort.

Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

  • Can the whitening kit damage my teeth?

    No, because our whitening kit is based exclusively on the PAP+ formula, which neither impairs dental health nor causes damage to teeth and gums. By adding caring ingredients, existing sensitivity is even alleviated and teeth gain strength with regular use.

  • After how many applications will I see results?

    The PAP+ formula is highly effective, so you can expect initial results after the first application. After 2-3 applications, the effect becomes even more intense and reaches its optimum effect. In combination with our other tooth whitening products, you can achieve the effect even faster and maintain your new tooth color in the long term.

  • Can I also use the whitening kit with veneers, bridges or implants?

    The PAP+ formula can be used without hesitation. However, please note that only the natural tooth reacts to the color equalization and artificial tooth parts retain their color. You can use the bleaching strips to match the shade of your artificial teeth, for example. To be on the safe side, consult your dentist and ask whether the product is suitable for your teeth.

  • I already have the old whitening kit: is it worth buying the PAP+ whitening kit in addition?

    Our new PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit was developed in months of collaboration with our German dentist team, which is why it is based on the very latest research and therefore stands out from all previous products. With the new formula, you will achieve even faster and better results, which is why it is definitely worth making the switch.